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My name is Eugenio Zaffagnini, and I'm an Innovative Communication Design consultant.
I help companies to innovate their brand image and the way they communicate, tell their stories, explain their products to an ever-changing market.

Through the power of Lean and Design Thinking, I empower creative teams and leaders to be more conscious, independent and efficient while transforming innovation from a random sparkle into an everyday habit.

What can I do for you?


Radically improve your brand image by creating a Lean innovation process

Analyze your communication, brand image or corporate design and create solutions to make it really work

Speed up your internal process to let you create better communication products, faster

Be a temporary manager or a project leader inside your marketing & communication dept.

Creative agencies

Help you create services that really work and differentiate you from other agencies, by setting up a Lean innovation cycle

Analyze your workflow and make it faster, giving you more time for quality and customer satisfaction

Guide you to ask better questions to your clients, to bring them (and you!) to the next level

Small businesses and Freelancers

Quickly see how you work and who's your client to find the better style for your communication and your brand image

Create for you a Corporate Design that you'll really want to use everyday

Set up with you a simple Lean innovation cycle, to keep you always on the cutting edge and help you differentiate

…and much more

Communication analysis and strategy planning
Corporate image auditing and workshops
Corporate design review and creation

Lean creative direction
Lean project leadership
Lean mentoring for individuals, managers and creative teams

Innovation for many is only a random sparkle of genius that only happens once.
My job is to help you convert brand innovation into a process that lasts forever.
Eugenio Zaffagnini

Take the first step to bring innovation in your communication: